Prayer Warriors

We have some friends who need special prayers.  We pray for them.  Would you please pray for someone you know who needs Creator to touch them.

Hold up our soldiers and veterans, both abroad and at home. Honor those who fight and die for our freedom! Also, include our police, EMT’s, firefighters, and all who risk their lives to keep us safe!
May the Great Spirit watch over you.Be in prayer for Keepers of the Word as we grow and expand that we may increase the service and understanding of the traditional ways as we walk the Sacred Path. If you have any questions, just ask. You may contact Cathy Nelson (843) 217-0962.

Never underestimate the power of prayer. The Keepers of the Word family has been praying with, and for, people throughout the world – and we will pray for you! Whatever your need might be, finding peace with Creator gives us the strength to face any situation. Your request is sacred and is kept confidential. We never charge for this service.

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