Community Health Worker

“Knowledge comes from education but wisdom comes from experience. We study to learn then we experience that which we learned so wisdom is acquired.” ~ Flying Eagle Painter

South East American Indian Council Inc.South East American Indian Council Inc.
Community Health Workers
SEAIC South Carolina
Presented by Dr. Dewey Painter, Sr. Ph.D.FMC & Dr. Jerry Lang, D.Lit.
Provided by the South Carolina Department of Health and the CDC

Keepers of the Word has teamed up with SEAIC and Dr. Dewey Painter, to host CHW Training to Native American people. Please visit the South East American Indian Council‘s website, or SEAIC & MHA ,to learn more about becoming a Community Health Worker for Native American’s in South Carolina. Or, contact Keepers of the Word to find out when our next training class is scheduled.

South East American Indian Council Inc.

CHW Seminar and Training session

Saturday, June 20, 2015 2 PM


ALL CHW are invited to attend. Those attending will receive a $50 Gift Card for their travel expense.

New people interested in being trained and serve as volunteer CHW for their tribal areas are invited to attend as well. A $25 Gift Card for their travel expense will be given. If they sign up and commit to serve then an extra card will be given.

CHW Hal Nelson

Dr. Dewey E. Painter, Sr., Ph.D.FMC


For directions or details call CAT NELSON 843-217-0962